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In the dental clinic Sanz Pancko we are aware that environment influences a patient’s frame of mind and we work to create a calming and peaceful space were you can receive your dental treatment in the most pleasant manner possible.

We have studied the lighting aspect and the ambient color of the clinic so that the entire clinic environment is together pleasing, without astringent colors and with treatment rooms made of glass to allow the light to come through. Where the patient can be relaxed and calm and feel at ease .

The objective was to create an ambiance of mental tranquility and relaxation, applying decorative techniques, attractive attire and quality of design in order to attain the maximum comfort of our patients.

The Dental Clinic Sanz Pancko has two completely equipped treatment rooms.

In our dental clinic in Barcelona we had decided to create a reduced clinic size so that the patient is aware that our intention is to give personalized familial treatment, a “classic family dentist” , but with high-quality, ultimate generation treatment and where the patient is our priority.

The dentists that work in our dental clinic guaranteed to give the best of ourselves in order to obtain the best solutions working daily with that best interest being the satisfaction of our patients are best presentation card.

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