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Materials and Innovation

The clinical materials that are used in the dental clinic Sanz Pancko provide a savings of time, greater durability and quality, improved cosmetic results and costs more reasonable processes because they require shorter and fewer sessions that the methods traditionally used.

Tecnología al servicio del paciente Materiales e Innovación Innovación al servicio del paciente

The Sanz Pancko dental clinic utilizes the services and collaboration of a prestigious dental prosthetic laboratory in Barcelona, with a close location to the dental clinic in Barcelona. We had chosen this laboratory because of its technologically advanced installations, experience and education of its workers, high quality of it’s finished prosthetics and for its strict adherence to using material and fabrication processes following the national and european regulations.

The close clinical-laboratory collaboration provides our patients personalized prosthetic solutions, improved comfort and the best treatment outcome, as well as a guarantee that the prosthesis will be placed in the shortest amount of time possible.

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