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Surgery and implants

“There is a solution for lack of teeth”

  • There is a solution for the lack of teeth.
  • We perform the whole procedure, from diagnosis to resolution.
  • With our skills we reduce the number of visits to the clinic.
  • We minimize postprocedural discomfort.
  • You will feel in the hands of the best professionals.


Dental implants are titanium pieces that are placed into the bone with a screw inside, as to fix the pillar that will support the future tooth. They provide a permanent solution to tooth loss; new teeth look and feel like one’s own teeth. Improved self-image, speech, comfort, and ease of eating, compared to other measures such as complete dentures (false).

Advantages of Dental implants

  1. The dental implant replaces the tooth root.
  2. We do not overload or debase (carve) the neighboring teeth in order to place the missing piece (main disadvantage of bridges on natural teeth).
  3. We avoid the teeth of the same arch to “migrate” and bow on the empty tooth space.
  4. We avoid the teeth of the opposing arch to be above the level, and get directed towards the hole.

Depending on the protocol used, the tooth may be placed on this implant at different timepoints, as indicated by the case:

  • Immediate loading or teeth-in-one-day: the teeth are placed on the same day as the implants.
  • Delayed load: three to six months, depending on the protocols.

Minimally invasive implant surgery guided by TAC (Nobel Guide)

Discover advances like minimally invasive guided surgery and “teeth-in-one-day”

This new method involves the placement of multiple implants with a minimally invasive technique in a very short time. Thanks to new computer and radiological technologies we can visualize perfectly the maxilla and plan the placement of implants with increased safety and accuracy.

The implants are placed without suturing the gingiva. With this technique we reduce inflammation, and we get that the total time from the start of inserting the implants to the placement of permanent teeth is one hour. The placement of prostheses and implants is performed in the same session, thus reducing significantly the number of visits.

Immediate load or teeth-in-one-day

The evolution of knowledge in implantology has allowed placing immediate prostheses (teeth) the very same day of intervention in many cases. This has obvious advantages for the patient’s comfort.

Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is the specialty that deals with diagnosis and surgical correction of disorders or diseases of the mouth, jaws, face and neck, correction of dentofacial deformities and reconstruction of the jaws, whether for prosthetic, traumatic, or aesthetic reasons.

Orthognatic surgery

Orthognatic surgery is an interdisciplinary science in which the orthodontist and oral surgeon work together and correct major defects which affect bone and tooth position in the jaw.

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