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Conservative dentistry

“We repair damaged teeth in all phases”

  • Prevention is best therapy.
  • We prioritize the preservation of your teeth.
  • Minimally invasive treatments.

The goal of conservative dentistry is to repair teeth damaged by decay, fractures, trauma, or erosions in all its phases through reconstruction. The treatment is based on the removal of the affected tissue and subsequent reconstruction.

Decay is a destructive process of the tooth. It doesn’t show symptoms initially, but as it progresses and approaches the nerve, causes sensitivity to cold, later to heat also, and it ends up becoming an actual pain. If the nerve has not been affected, appropriate treatment is filling or reconstruction, depending on the extent of tooth decay.

Root canal therapy
Root canal therapy consists of extracting the nerve (pulp) from the teeth.
The most common reason that causes the need for a root canal is tooth decay, although there may be others such as dental trauma, severe wear, or periodontal infections.
The nerve inflammation (pulpitis) causes pain. If we do not stop the process, the nerve dies and subsequently becomes infected, and the infection reaches also the ligament and bone surrounding the tooth (apical periodontitis).

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